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Abel Son of Adam & Eve,
murdered by Cain
Adar Son of Elpaal
Abraham Ancestor of the Jewish nation,
son of Terah, father of Isaac,
husband of Sarah ,
father of Ishmael by Hagar.
Adam Mate of Eve, father of Cain and Abel
Adah Wife of Esau, Mother of Eliphaz
Asher Son of Jacob by Zilpah
Atarah Wife of Jerahmeel
Benjamin Son of Jacob by Rachel
Bilhah Wife of Jacob
Boaz Husband of Ruth
Cain Son of Adam & Eve,
Murdered brother Abel
Dan Son of Jacob by Zilpah
David Son of King Saul
Dinah Daughter of Jacob by Leah
Enos Son of Seth
Esri Son of Gad
Esau Husband of Judith,
Twin of Jacob, son of Isaac
Gad Son of Jacob by Zilpah
Hagar Mother of Ishmael
Ham Son of Noah
Isaac Son of Abraham,
husband of Rebekah,
father of twins Jacob & Esau
Ishmael Son of Abraham by Hagar
Issachar Son of Jacob by Leah
Jacob Husband of Leah,
father of Joseph and Reuben
Joachim Daughter of Lot
Jerahmeel Faather of Ram, Bunah, Oren,
Ozem, Ahijah, and Onam.
Joseph Son of Jacob by Rachel
Judah Son of Jacob by Leah
Laban Jacob's uncle
Leah Wife of Jacob
Levi Son of Jocob by Leah
Lot Nephew of Abraham,
Father of Midash, Aggadah
Naomi Ruth's mother-in-law
Noah Father of Ham
Rachel Wife of Jacob
Rebeka Wife of Issac
Reuben Son of Jacob by Leah
Sarah Wife of Abraham,
Mother of Isaac
Sered Son  of Zebulun
Shem Son of Noah
Simeon Son of Jacob by Leah
Zebulun Son of Jacob by Leah
Zilpah Wife of Jacob
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