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Famous Work(s)
Richard Arkwright Water frame spinning machine England
Charles Babbage Machine calculator,
Analytical engine
John Logie Baird First television, TV broadcasts Scotland
Benjamin Baker Forth Railroad Bridge,
Asswan Dam
J.C. Bamford
( Josephy Cyril )
Construction and digging
John Bardeen Transistor, Superconductivity America
Alexandre Graham Bell Telephone, Photophone America
Kare Friedrich Benz 1st internal combustion vehicle Germany
Clarence Frank Birdseye Process to freeze food America
Louis Charles Joseph Bleriot Glider and Aircraft design,
!st flight over English Channel
Nils Ivar Bohlin Volvo car and 3-point seat belt Sweden
Matthew Boulton Steam engines for manufacturing England
Walter Brattain Tramsistor America
James Brindley Bridgewater Canal England
Isambard K.
(Kingdom) Brunel
Bridges, Railroad, Shipbuilding
Marc Isambard Brunel Underwater tunnels England
Christopher Sydney Cockerell Hovercraft design England
Samuel Colt Revolver design America
Samuel Crompton Spinning mule England
Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler Spark plug, internal-combustion engine, 4 wheel car Germany
Ferdinand Marie Vicomte
De Lesseps
Suez and Panama Canals France
Rudolph Christian Karl Diesel Diesel engine France
John Dunlop Air-filled bicycle tire Scotland
Thomas Alva Edison

DC current, Electric lamp, Incandescent light bulb, 
Ticker-tape machine, Phonograph,
Electric power plant

(Alexandre )Gustave Eiffel Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty France
Douglas Carl Englebart Computer graphics,
Computer mouse
Sebastian Pietro Innocenzo Adhemar Ziani de Ferranti National electric grid England
John Ambrose Fleming Thermionic electron tube/valve England
Henry Ford Automobile manufacturing America
Lee De Forest Triode electrical valve,(the "triode" or "audion" amplifier)
Phonofilm process for movies
Jay Wright Forrester Flight simulator,
Digital Computer, RAM
Robert Fulton Steamship design America
Robert Hutchings Goddard Liquid- fueled rocket America
George Washington Goethals Panama Canal America
Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg Printing press Germany
John Hadley Octant navigatin tool England
James Hargreaves Spinning jenny England
John Harrison Marine chronometer,
Compound pendulum
Joseph Henry Electric motor America
John Philip Holland Modern submarine America
Elias Howe Sewing machine design America
Christiaan Huygens Telescope lenses,
Pendulum clock
Joseph Marie Jacquard Automatic loom France
William Le Baron Jenney Manhattan Building skyscraper America
William Jessop Butterley Iron Works, Canals England
Otto Lilienthal Glider flights Germany
Auguste Marie Lumiere and
Louis Nicolas Lumiere
Motion picture camera,
film projector
Guglielmo Marconi First radio signals Italy
Henry Maudslay Die & Tool maker, Lathe England
John Loudon McAdam Road constuction methods=Macadamization Scotland
Cyrus Hall McCormick Agriculture reaping machine America
Samuel Finley Breese Morse Invented telegraph, Morse code America
George de Mestral Velco nylon fastner Switzerland
Thomas Mewcomen Steam pumping engine England
Alfred Bernhard Nobel Manufacture of dynamite Sweded
Elisha Graves Otis Safety elevator America
Nikolaus August Otto Gasolene internal combustion engine Germany
Joseph Paxton Designed Crystal Palace building in London England
Ferdinand Porsche Car engineer and designer Germany
George Mortimer Pullman Railroad sleeping cars America
John Rennie Bridges over the Thame, bridges, canals, and docks Scotland
Charles Stewart Rolls Luxury automobile manifacturing with
Henry Royce
(Frederick) Henry Royce Luxury automobile manifacturing with
Charles Rolls
William Hillman Shockley Transitor manufacturing co. America
John Smeaton "father of civil engineering",
design of bridges, canals, harbours and lighthouses.
Ernst Werner von Siemens Electric railroad,
Electric telegraph,
Igor Sikorsky Hekicopter design/manufacture America
Clive Sinclair Pocket calculator,
Home computer,
C5 electric tricycle
Levi Strauss Denim clothing manufacturing Germany
George Stephenson Steam locomotives England
Joseph Wilson Swan Incandescent light bulb,
Artificial clothing fibers
William Henry Fox Talbot Flash photography English
Thomas Telford Caledonian Canal and
Menai State Bridge
Nikola Tesla AC Current, Lasers,
Flourescent light tube, Remote control,
Radio transmissions, Electric motor, "Earthquake" machine.
Andrei Nikolayevich Tupolev Jet airliner design Russia
Alessandro Volta Invented electrophorus and Electric battery Italy
Felix Heinrich Wankel Wankel engine Germany
James Watt Steam engine,
Flyball governor
Robert Watson-Watt Radar Scotland
George Westinghouse Railroad safety systems America
Charles Wheatstone Flute harmonique instrument,
Electric telegraoh,
Wheatstone Bridge to measure electrical resistance.
FrankWhittle Jet Engine England
Eli Whitney Cotton gin America
Wilbur Wright
Orville Wright
Aircraft design, first flight America
Ferdinand Adolf Heinrich August Graf von Zeppelin Hydrogen gas airship (blimp) Germany
Vladimir Kosma Zworykin TV camera,
Electronic picture tube
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