Units of Measurements > Scientific
Unit (Symbol)
ampere (A) electric current
ångström (Å) distance 
baud symbol rate 
becquerel (Bq) radioactivity 
byte unit of computer data-
made up of 4 bits ( 1 or 0s)
curie (Ci) radioactivity
coulomb (C) electric charge 
dalton   (Da) atomic mass 
decibel (dB) relative power levels of sound
degree Celsius (°C) temperature 
degree Fahrenheit (°F)  temperature
dyne unit of force in the centimetre-gram-second system of physical units
erg 10 millionth of a joule
Erlang unit (erl) dimensionless volume of telecommunications traffic 
farad (F) capacitance 
fermi   (fm) distance
galileo   (Gal) acceleration 
gauss   (G or Gs), magnetic flux density 
G-force unit of acceleration
gray (Gy) absorbed dose of
henry (H) inductance 
hertz (Hz) frequency 
joule (J) energy, work, heat
kelvin (K) thermodynamic
lumen amount of light crossing
an area
mach number (Ma) relative speed 
maxwell (Mx) magnetic flux 
Mohs scale Scale of mineral hardness
mole (molecular weight) Amount of substance in
chemical reactions.
neper   (Np) relative power level 
newton (N) force
oersted   (Oe) magnetic field strength 
ohm   (O) electrical resistance 
pascal (Pa) pressure
Rayl or Rayleigh (Rayl) acoustic impedance
Richter magnitude earthquake   power
Rockwell scale   (HR)  indentation hardness 
röntgen   (R) dosage of X-rays or
gamma radiation
Scoville units   capsaicin content of
chili peppers
siemens  (S) electrical conductance
sievert  (Sv) radiation dose equivalent
sone comfortable hearing level of sound for the average listener.
tesla (T) magnetic flux density
volt   (V) electric potential, electromotive force
watt   (W) power, radiant flux
weber   (Wb) magnetic flux

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