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U.S. Army
U.S. Navy
U.S. Air Force
U.S. Marines
GA-General of the Army FADM- Fleet Admiral GAF- General of the
Air Force
Gen- General
GEN-General ADM- Admiral Chief of Naval Operations / Commandant of the Coast Guard Gen- General Air Force Chief of Staff LtGen- Lieutenant Genera
LTG-Lieuenant General VADM- Vice Admiral Lt Gen- Lieutenant General MajGen- Major General
MG-Major General RADM- Rear Admiral Maj Gen- Major General BGen- Brigadier General
BG-Brigadier General RDML- Rear Admiral Brig Gen- Brigadier General Col- Colonel
COL-Colonel CAPT- Captain Col- Colonel LtCol- Lieutenant Colonel
LTC-Lt. Colonel CDR- Commander Lt Col Lieutenant Colonel Maj- Major
MAJ-Major LCDR- Lieutenant Commander Col- Colonel Capt- Captain
CPT-Captain LT- Lieutenant Maj- Major 1stLt- Lieutenant
LT1-Lieutenant LTJG- Lieutenant Junior Grade Capt- Captain 2ndLt- Lieutenant
LT2-2nd Lieutenant ENS- Ensign 1st Lt- First Lieutenant CWO5- Chief Warrant  (4,3,2)
WO2-Chief Warrant Officer (2,3,4,5) CWO- Chief Warrant Officer (2,3,4,5) 2d Lt- Second Lieutenant WO-Warrant Officer
WO1-Warrant Officer
MCPON- Master Chief Petty Officer
of the Navy
CMSAF- Chief Master Sergeant
of the Air Force
Sargeant Major of the Marine Corps
SMA-Sargeant Major
of the Armuy
Fleet / Command Master Chief Petty Officer CCM- Command Chief Master Sergeant SgtMaj-Sargeant Major
CSM-Comand Sargeant Major MCPO- Master Chief Petty Officer CMSgt- Chief Master Sergeant MGySgt- Master Gunnery Sargeant
SGM-Sargeant Major SCPO- Senior Chief Petty Officer SMSgt- Senior Master Sergeant 1stSgt-First Sargeant
1SG-First Sargeant
CPO- Chief Petty Officer MSgt- Master Sergeant MSgt- Master Sargeant
MSG-Master Sargeant PO1- Petty Officer 1st Class (2,3) TSgt- Technical Sergeant GtSgt- Gunnery Sargeant
SFC-Sargeant First Class
SN- Seaman SSgt- Staff Sergeant SSgt- Staff Sargeant
SSG-Staff Sargeant SA- Seaman Apprentice SrA- Senior Airman Sgt- Sargeant
SGT-Sargeant SR- Seaman Recruit A1C- Airman First Class Cpl- Corporal
CPL-Corporal   Amn- Airman LCpl- Lance Corporal
  AB- Airman Basic PFC- Private First Class
PFCPrivate First Class     Pvt- Private
PVT2-Private 2      

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