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Continuing Character
David Baldacci Last Man Standing,
Saving Faith, Simple Truth,
Total Control, The Camel Club
Absolute Power, Finisher,
King And Maxwell,
Divine Justice, The Winner,
The Collectors,
Earl Derr Biggers The House Without a Key,
The Chinese Parrot,
The Black Camel,
Charlie Chan Carries On .
Charlie Chan
Dan Brown The Da Vinci Code, Inferno,
The Lost Symbol,
Digital Fortress,
Deception Point,
Angels And Demons
John Dickson Carr, (Carter Dickson, Roger Fairbairn) The Hollow Man, The Burning Court, The Judas Window,
The Plague Court Murders,
A Graveyard To Let ,
Who Wisper,.The Case of the Constant Suicides
Dr. Fell,
Sir Henry Merrivale
Raymond Chandler Farewell, My Lovely, .Playback, The Big Sleep,
The High Window ,
The Lady in the Lake,
The Little Sister,
Poodle Springs
The Long Goodbye
Philip Marlowe
G.K. Chesterton The Everlasting Man, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Heretics, Father Brown, The Wisdom Of Father Brown, Fathr Brown
Agatha Christie
And Then There Were None, Murder on the Orient Express, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd , Death on the Nile,
4:50 from Paddington,
A Murder Is Announced, Sleeping Murder,
The Body in the Library,
Crooked House,
The Moving Finger, Nemesis,
Murder at the Vicarage,
The Secret of Chimneys,
A Pocket Full of Rye,
The Mysterious Mr. Quin
Hercule Poirot ,
Misss Mrple,
Tommy & Tuppence,
Parker Pyne,
Harley Quin, Superintendent Battle,
Ariadne Oliver, Colonel John Race
Mary Higgins Clark A Stranger is Watching,
Where Are The Children?,
A Cry in the Night,
Where Are You Now?,
We'll Meet Again, Weep No More My Baby, All Around The Town, The Cradle will Fall, You Belong to Me
Michael Connelly The Lincoln Lawyer, The Poet,
The Black Echo,
The Reversal,
The Fifth Witness,
Angels Flight, Blood Work,
Angle of Investigation,
LAPD Detective Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch .
Patricia Cornwell The Body Farm, Postmortem,
The Body of Evidence,
Blow Fly, Point Of Origin,
The Bone Bed, Black Notice, Cruel and Unusual ,
Cause of Death,
Dr. Kay Scarpetta.
Michael Crichton Jurassic Park, Prey, Time Line,
The Andromeda Strain, Airframe,
The Lost World, Next,
The Terminal Man,
The Great Train Robbery
Len Deighton
The Ipcress File,
Berlin Game,
London Match,
Mexico Set,
Billion-dollar Brain,
Goodbye, Mickey Mouse
Bernard Samson
Colin Dexter (England) Last Bus To Woodstock,
The Dead of Jericho,
The Wench Is Dead,
The Remorseful Day,
The Riddle Of The Third Mile,
The Daughters Of Cain,
The Inside Story
Inspector Endeavour Morse
Arthur Conan Doyle  
A Study in Scarlet ,
The Valley of Fear,
The Adventures of
The Hound of the
Baskervilles , The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
The Return of Sherlock Holmes, The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes
James Ellroy The Black Dahlia,
The Big Nowhere ,
L.A. Confidential, White Jazz"
Janet Evanovich One For the Money, Wicked Business, Top Secret Twenty-One, The Heist, The Job, Takedown Twenty,
Two For the Dough,
Twelve Sharp, Hard Eight, Eleven On top, Four To Score
Stephanie Plum
Ken Follet Fall of Giants, Code To Zero,
The Key To Rebecca,
Eye Of The Needle,Torus,
Hornet Flight, The Hammer of Eden, Winter Of The World,
Night Over Water,
Robert Galbraith, pseudonym for J.K. Rowling Career of Evil,
The Silkworm, The Cuckoo's Calling, El Canto Del Cuco
Cormoran Strike
Erle Stanley Gardner Case of the Velvet Claws,
The Case of the Sulky Girl,
The Case of the Careless Cupid, All Grass Isn't Green
The Case of the Fabulous Fake, Widows Wear Weeds,
Traps Need Fresh Bait.
Perry Mason,
Donald Lam,
Bertha Cool
Tess Gerriten nee Terry Gerritsen Harvest, , Life Support, Bloodstream,Gravity,
The Surgeon, Vanish, The  Apprentice, Body Double
Jane Rizzoli
Sue Grafton Titles start with 'X. is For", where X is first letter of book name- A is for Alibi, Burgler, Corpse, Deadbeat, Evidence, Fugitive, Gumshoe, Homicide, Innocent, Judgement, Killer, Lawless, Noose, Ourlaw, Peril, Quarry, Richochet, Silemce, Trespass, Undertow
P.I Kinsey Millhone
W.E.B. Griffin The Corps, Semper Fi,
Line Of Fire, Battleground
Call To Arms, Counterattack,
John Grisham The Pelican Brief,
A Time To Kill,
The Firm, A Painted House,
The Chamber, The Rainmaker,
The Partner, The Summons,
Calico Joe, Sycamore Row,
The Client
Dashiell Hammet, nee Samuel Dasheill Hammett Red Harvest, The Thin Man,
The Maltese Falcon,
Red Harvest, The Glass Key, The Dain Curse, Nightmare Town, The Big Knockout,
The Adventures of Sam Spade and Other Stories.
Woman in the Dark,
Nick and Nora Charles,
Sam Spade,
Continental Op
Thomas Harris Hannibal, Hannibal Rising,
The Silence of the Lambs,
Black Sunday , Red Dragon
Hannibal Lecter
Jack Higgins The Eagle Has Landed, Sheba,
The Eagle Has Flown,
Thunder Point, Confessional,
Drink With the Devil,
Eye Of The Storm,
Year Of The Tiger
P.D. James  nee
Phyllis Dorothy James
Death Comes to Pemberley,
The Children of Men,
Cover Her Face,

An Unsuitable Job for a Woman, Innocent Blood,
The Skull Beneath the Skin.
Adam Dalgliesh
Cordelia Gray
JonathanKellerman Billy Straight, Motive, When the Bough Breaks, The Gloem of Hollywood, Silent Partner, Time Bomb, Flesh and Blood, Rage, A Cold Heart Alex Delaware, Milo Sturgis
Maurice LeBlanc The Crystal Stopper,
The Teeth of the Tiger,
The Secret of Sarek,
The Eight Strokes of the Clock, The Hollow Needle, Arsène Lupin versus Herlock Sholmes, The Blonde Lady
Arsène Lupin.
John Le Carre, nee David Cornwall The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, Tainker Tailor Soldier Spy, Smiley's People, A Most Wanted Man, The Honorable Schoolboy, The Constant Gardener, A Delicate Truth George Smiley
Elmore Leonard Grt Shorty, The Hot Kid, Swag,
The Bounty Hunters, Raylan,
A Coyote's In The House,
Be Cool, Hombre
The Switch, Cuba Libre,
Mr. Majestyk, Pagan Babies,
The Tall, 3:10 to Yuma
Gaston Louis Alfred Leroux The Phnato of the Opera, The mystery of the Yellow Room, Perfume of the Lady in Black, Cheri-Bibi, The Secret of the Night, The Man With the Black Feather, The Bride of the Sun  
Robert Ludlum The Bourne Identity,
The Bourne Supremacy ,
The Bourne Ultimatum,
The Scarlatti Inheritance,
The Sigma Protocol, Trevayne,
The Prometheus Deception
Jason Bourne
John D. MacDonald The Deep Blue Good-By, Nightmare in Pink,
A Purple Place For Dying, The Quick Red Fox, A Deadly Shade of Gold, Darker Than Amber, The Scarlet Ruse
Travis McGee
Dame Ngaio Marsh, nee Edith Ngaio Marsh A Man Lay Dead, Death Of A Peer, Artists In Crime,
Scales Of Justice, Final Curtain, Colour Scheme,
Clutch Of Constables,
Night At The Vulcan,
Singing In The Shrouds
Roderick Alleyn
Ed McBain
( under pen name Evan Hunter and others )
The Blackboard Jungle, Kiss,
Fat Ollie's Book, Vespers, Nocturne, Last Dance,
The Gutter And The Grave,
Privileged Conversation,
The Con Man
"87th Precinct"
John Mortimer (English) Rumpole of the Bailey, Rumpole On Trial,
Paradise Postponed.
Horace Rumpole
Walter Mosley Devil in a Blue Dress,
A Red Death, Little Scarlett,
The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey, Black Betty,
A Little Yellow Dog.
Easy Rawlins
Sara Paretsky Breakdown, Hardball, Blacklist,
Bitter Medicine,
Indemnity Only,
Blood Shot, Tunnel Vision
V.I. Warshawski
Robert Brown Parker God Save The Child,
The Judas Goat,
The Widening Gyre,
A Savage Place,
P.I. Spenser
Louise Penny Still Life, A Fatal Grace,
How the Light Gets In,
The Long Way Home,
The Beautiful Mystery,
Bury Your Dead, The Cruelist Month. The Hangman
A Rule Against Murder,
The Brutal Telling,
Chief Inspector Armand Gamache of the Sûreté du Québec.
Thomas Perry Blood Money,
Shadow Woman,
The Face-Changers
Jane Whitefield
Ellis Peters, nee
Edith Mary Pargeter
Murder in the Dispensary,
She Goes to War,
Fallen into the Pit,
Death and the Joyful Woman, A Morbid Taste For Bones, One Corpse Too Many
Dominic Felse,
Brother Cadfael
J. D. Robb nee
Eleanor Marie Robertson, aka
Nora Roberts, Sarah Hardesty, Jill Marsh
"-----In Death" series-
Mystery In Death, Naked ~ , Glory ~, Immortal ~ , Rapture ~, Eternity ~, Portrait ~, Vegence ~, Promise ~, Ceremony ~,
Holiday ~, Conspiracy ~.
Eve Dallas
Peter Robinson Gallows View , A Necessary End, The Hanging Valley, Wednesday's Child, Bad Boy,
Blood At The Root, Cold Is The Grave, Friend Of The Devil, Abattoir Blues,
.Close To Home
Inspector (DCI) Banks
Ann Rae Rule The Stranger Beside Me, Small Sacrifices
Dorothy Leigh. Sayers Clouds of Witness,
Strong Poison, Herrings,
The Nine Tailors,
Striding Folly, Five Red
Lord Peter Views the Body,
Murder Must Advertise
Lord Peter Wimsey

R.L. Stine, nee
Robert lawrende Stine

The LostGirl, Fear Street,,
NIght of the Living Dummy, The Haunted Mask,
Welcome to Dead House, Monster Blood, Red Rain,
Say Cheese and Die


Rex Stout

Fer-de-Lance, The Red Box,
The Rubber Band,
Black Orchids,
Too Many Women,
And Be a Villian
Nero Wolfe
Josephine Tey,
nee Elizabeth MacKintosh, Scotland
The Singing Sands,
To Love and Be Wise,
The Franchise Affair,
Miss Pym Disposes,
Brat Farrar
Inspector Alan Grant

S.S.Van Dine-
pseudonym for Willard Huntington Wright

The Bishop Murder Case,
The Greene Murder Case,
The Benson Murder Case,
The Canary Murder Case,
The Kennel Murder Case

Philo Vance
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