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Shere of Influence
Aker Guardian of the traveling sun.
Amon Theban king of the gods.
Anuket Goddess of the Nile River
Aten Disk of the sun.
Baal Semetic god of storms
Bat Celestial cow goddess
Duat The egyptian underworld
Geb God of the earth.
Hapi God of the Nile.
Hauhet One of the four Ogdoad
Heh God of infinity.
Heka God of Magic and Medicine
Horus Sky God, War God,
Hunter’s God,
Imhotep Son of Ptah
Isis Goddess of magic.
Montu God of war
Neith Goddess of war and of the hunt
Nut Goddess of the sky.
Osiris Lord of the afterlife.
Ptah Mummified creator god.
Ra King of the gods
Re God of the sun.
Satet Goddess of the Nile & fertility
Serapis God of the afterlife
Serket Goddess of the Scorpion
Shu God of the air
Sobek Crocodile God
Thoth Ibis-god of wisdom & the moon
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