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Aesir A group of warrior gods.
Odin was the chief god of the Aesir.
Asgarth Citadel of the Norse gods.
Valhalla. Resting place of dead warriors
Aegir God of the sea.
Baldur God of Love and Light. Son of Odin
Bragi God of poetry
Eir Goddess of Healing
Eostre Goddess of Spring and of fertility
Forseti God of Justice
Frigga Wife of Odin and main Norse goddess
Idunna Goddess of Youth and Beauty
Lofn Goddess of ilicit unions.
Nerthus Goddess of the Sea and of Rivers.
Odin King of the Norse Gods,
God of poetry, battle and death.
Sif (Sifa) Goddess of the Harvest
Sjofn Goddess of human passion.
Skadi Goddess of Winter and of the Hunt
Syn Goddess of the accused at trial.
Thor God of Sky, Thunder and Fertility, and guardian of the Norse gods.
Son of Odin
Tyr God of war and strife, Son of Odin
Ullr God of the hunt
Var Goddess of marriage oaths.
Vor Goddess of all knowledgel.
Fertility gods  
Vanir The f ertility gods collectively
Freyja Goddess of love and beauty,
Queen of the Valkyries
Gefion Goddess of the plow
Njord God of wealth, fertility, and the sea.
Asgard Home of the Norse Gods
Bor Father of Odin
Hel Ruler of Helheim, the realm of the dead
Hermod Son of Odin.
Hod Son of Odin.
Hoenir Messenger of the Aesir
Loki An evil character known as the Sly One, the Trickster, the Shape Changer and the Sky Traveller
Magni Son of Thor
Modi Son of Thor
Norns Three goddesses of destiny-.
Urd (the past), Skuld (future), and Verandi (the present)
Sif Wife of Thor
Sigyn Wife of Loki.
Vali Son of Odin
Valkyries Beautiful women who carried dying warriors to Valhalla.
Vidar Son of Odin
Weiland (Weyland), the Smith of the Gods
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