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Subject Matter
Berenice Abbott, nee
Bernice Abbott
Portraits, NY cityscapes, world  of science
Ansel Adams (U.S.) Nature scenes
Diane Arbus nee Diane Nemerov (U.S.)
Unordinary embers of society
thought not worthy of photographing.
Richard Avedon
Fashion photographer for
Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, and
The New Yorker
David Bailey
Fashion photography
Sir Cecil Beaton, nee Cecil Walter Hardy Beaton (England) Fashion shots and portraits for
Vanity Fair and Vogue , portrait, and war photographer
Margaret Bourke-White  (U.S.) Life magazine staff, commercial, documentaries, steel factory photos
Brassai nee Gyula Halasz (Hungary) Photographs of Paris at night.
Julia Cameraon  
Portraits of famous people
Robert Capa nee
Endre Friedman
War photographer and
photojournalist, partner of
Gerda Taró
Henri Cartier-Bresson (France) Field photography in Africa
Louis Daguerre 
Invented the photographic
process "Daguerrotype".
Alfred Eisenstaedt
Life magazine staff, photo journalist.
Elliot Erwitt
Black and white everyday scenes -
Famous photos- New York City, Segregated Water Fountain,
"Felix, Gladys, and Rover", Nikita Khrushchev and Richard Nixon, California
Anne Geddes
(Australia, U.S.)
Infants, photo 'Cabbage Kids', calendar art.
Tana Hoban
Photographer. filmmaker and
author of books for children
Paul Horst (Germany) Fashion photos
Yousef Karsh (Armenia, Canada) Portraits, Famous portraits of
Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein,
Elizabeth II and John F. Kennedy
David LaChapelle
Commercial and fine
Dorothea Lange
Documentary photographer and
photojournalist, Depression era
work for Farm Security Admin.
Anna-Lou "Annie"
Portraits, 'Rolling Stone' chief photographer

Robert Mapplethorpe (U.S.)

Celebrity portraits, male and female nudes, self-portraits and still-life images of flowers, the BDSM scene.
Mary Ellen Mark
Photojournalism / documentaries, Streetwise and Ward 81 were published photo collections.
Steve McCurry
War photographer, Famous 1984
photograph "Afghan Girl" in National Geographic Mag.

Eadweard Muybridge

Studies in motion, stop-motion,
motion picture projection
Helmut Newton nee Helmut Neustadter (German-Australian) Fashion photographer, contributor
to 'Vogue' magazine
Ruth Orkin
Photojournalist and filmmaker,
Life magazine, Photo books -
"A World Through My Window” and
“More Pictures From My Window.”
Irving Penn
Fashion, portrait, and still life photographer
Man Ray (nee
Emmanual Radnitsky)
Champs Delicieux ("Rayograph"
photography), Aviary,
The Orator, Metronome
Terence 'Terry'
Fashion, portrait, advertising campaigns
Leni Riefenstahl  
Documentaries of the Nuremberg
rallies and 1936 Olympics
Cindy Sherman, nee
Cynthia Morris Sherman  (U.S.)
Conceptual art- Collections 'Bus Riders', 'Murder Mystery', 'Complete Untitled Fim Stills'
Edward Steichen
'Camera Work' staff, Vogue and Vanity Fair staff, fashion photograher
Alfred Stieglitz (U.S.) Produced "Photo Secession"
first exhibit of only photographs,
'Camera Work' magazine, Editor of
'Camara Notes' the journal of the
Camera Club of NY.
Roy Emerson Stryker Documentaries for the Farm Security Administration
Gerda Taró
First female war photographer- Spanish Civil War (killed in action), partner of Robert Capa.
Edward Wesson (England) Nudes
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