Medium / Sample Work
Jean Arp
Dadaist, Surrealist, organic abstraction sculptor, painter, collage artist.
Gian Lorenzo Berini (Italy)
Colored marbles, stained glass, bronze and stone

Giovanni Bologna
(nee Jean Bologne) (Belgium / Flemish)

Flying Mercury, Rape of the Sabines
Louise Bourgeois
Labyrthine Tower, Spiders
Alexander Calder (U.S) Flamingo, Cirque Calder , Four Big Dots, Red Lily Pads, The Four Elements
(Donato de Betto di Bardi))  (Italy)
David in Bargello, At. Mark and St. George athe Or San Michele
Jacob Epstein (England) Rock Drill,
The Tomb of Oscar Wilde.
Gregor Erhart
Blaubeuren Altarpiece.
Elizabeth Frink (England) Bronze sculptures of horses and riders.
Alberto Giacometti
Pointing Man,
Three Men Walking
Barbara Hepworth (England) Pierced Form, Single Form, Four Square
Jasper Johns (U.S) Flag, White Flag, Three Flags, False Start, Numbers In Color, Land's End
Jeff Koons (U.S) Balloon animals produced in stainless steel - Balloon Dog, Tulips, Cracked Egg,
Adam Kraft
Tabernacle in Saint Lorenz.
Bacchus, Pieta, David. Moses, Rondaninni Pieta, The Last Judgement
Henry Moore
Madonna and Child, Family Group,
Inclining Figure
Bruce Nauman (U.S) Hands,Clown Torture
Praxiteles (Greece) Aphrodite of Cnidus.

Polykleitos (Greece)

Gold/ivory Hera,
Kanon of Polykleitos.
Frederic Remington  (U.S) The Broncho Buster, The Wounded Bunkie, The Wicked Pony, The Scalp, and a series of western horsemen.
Auguste Rodin
The Age of Bonze,
The Kiss, The Thinker.
Veit Stoss
Augustus Saint- Gaudens  ( U.S) Civil War Admiral David Farragut, Robert Gould Shaw Memorial, Standing Lincoln, William Tecumseh Sherman, Parnell Memorial, Dublin
Richard Serra  (U.S) large-scale assemblies of sheet metal- The Matter of Time, Fulcrum, Terminal,
Hours of the Day,
Spin Out,
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