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Information About Our Class......  Class of 1952

          Class Officers    Class Members     Sports    Hall of Fame Athletes    Teachers     Careers

Picture of High School Oliver Ames High School, No. Easton, Mass.
Our High School was the building on Lincoln St .
        across from the Rockery, built in 1895.
Our Gym was an ell extension of the building facing Barrows St.
Our sports field was Frothingham Park located at
        the lower end of Barrows Street.
The Class of 1957 was the last class to occupy this building
        upon the completion of a new high school on Lothrop St.
Our school building was converted into residential
        apartments in 2003 named Schoolhouse Apartments.

Our Class Officers in 1952 -

Class Officers1 Class Officers2
Norman Cronin, Gerald Gonsalves, Mona Bellows, Nancy Fozzi
Were we really this young and innocent ??

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The 1952 Graduating Class numbered 63 students.-

Classmates are listed alphabetically by graduation names plus (married names):
      Legend- The digraphs after the name show their home district in Easton whle in high school:
[ NE= North Easton, SE= South Easton, EC= Easton Center, ED= Eastondale, EF= Easton Furnace, UN= Unionville ]

~ ~ ~ Underlined names are a link to a summary page of news items submitted by that classmate.> ~ ~ ~
Almeida, Salvino NE
Anderson, Arthur NE
Anderson, Constance (Dumoulin) NE
Anderson, Edna (Weaver) NE
Anderson, George NE
Anderson, Lois NE
Bailey, Harold NE
Beale, Lorraine (Trimonti) SE
Bellows, Mona (Jamieson) NE
Bussey, Edith (Doyle) NE
Canegaly, Jane (Newman) ED
Cleverly, Sally (Forsman) NE
Cronin, Norman NE
Davis, Claire (Curry) UN
Dorgan, Patricia (Sellars) NE
Eaton, Gertrude (Halbig) SE
ELmes, Patricia (Burnett) NE
Fozzy, Nancy (Holgate) ED
Gardner, Lois (DiLorenzo) NE
Gomes, David SE
Gonsalves/Gaston, Gerald NE
Hayward, H. Wheaton ED
Henriques, Lucy (Turner) NE
Holbrook, Jean (Doucette) UN
Holmes, Richard NE
Kelly, Joan (Hale) NE
La Belle, Nola (Meiggs) SE
Ladd, Raymond UN
Larson, Doris (DeBoe) NE
Leary, David SE
Legge, Faye (Hoats) NE
Leonard, Edward NE
Litchfield, Forrest (DeLambert) NE
Lyons, Priscilla (Verdi) NE
Maliff, Alice (DeCouto) NE
McEvoy, Leo NE
McNamara, Richard NE
Miller, Andrew EC
Murphy, Richard SE
Nilsson, Corinne NE
Nordbeck, Charles EF
Nystrom, Pauline (Bearse) SE
Oman, Robert SE
O'Neil, William SE
Peterson, George NE
Pomeroy, Curtis NE
Poole, Betty (Luther) NE
Poole, Carol (Long) NE
Randall, Roberta (Phillips) SE
Reynolds, Beverly (Longo) SE
Richards, Edward (Norton)
Sargent, Robert SE
Sarty, Walter SE
Schofield, Elaine (Randall) SE
Silva, Mary (Gilman) NE
Smith, Donald SE
Soule, Nancy (Kramer) ED
Talbot, Arlene (O'Neil) EF
Taylor, Raymond SE
Tufts, Fredrick NE
Walker, Richard SE

See class member yearbook photos in a composite picture-    
[See Photo]

The following spent time in the Class of '52 but were not part of the class at graduation -

~ ~ ~ Underlined names are a link to a summary page of news items submitted by that classmate.> ~ ~ ~
Anderson, Richard NE
Atwood, Robert NE
Boynton, Sally (Zaffran) Easton other
Brennick, Robert Easton other
Corkum, Millage SE
Correia, Joseph NE
Davis, Julia (Kieffer) SE
Davis, Natalie
Doyle, Francis SE
Fox, John NE
Gannett, Joe NE
Grant, Alan EF
Harlow, Leo NE
Hckey, James ED
Hill, Clayton ED
Holeritz, Natalie (May) NE
Holmes, Lester NE
Jones, Phyllis (Mercier) EF
Meehan, Marilyn (Roberts) NE
Nelson, Roselie NE
Philbrick, Ralph ED
Raye, Norma NE
Shaw, Donald EF
Silva, Francis NE
Spellman, John UN
Spillane, Clement NE
Stewart, William EC
Studley, Joyce ED
Thompson, Bjorn NE
Weir, Beatrice (Beauvais) ED
Wrenton, Marilyn

[ OAHS '52 Top ]

Our Sport Teams in 1952 -

Our Sports Field- Frothingham Park

Go to a separate page to read about a wonderful documentary video about the history of Frothingham Park.
A link to the video is included
  Read More

Baseball Team

Wins= 10
Losses= 4
The 1952 OA baseball team were Hockamock Champs with a record of 10 wins and 4 losses, beating out Sharon and No. Attleboro who each had records of 9 and 5.
The lineup for the last game was: Gonsalves SS, Varella LF, Cronin RF, Holmes P, McEvoy C, Bailey FB, Johnson 2B, Lilya 3b, Miller CF.
Football Team

Wins= 3, Losses= 3
Tied= 2
Season Highlight- OA played a football game on Thanksgiving Day for the first time. Howard High (West Bridgewater) was the opponent at Frothingham Park. The big news was not that Richard Holmes' scored three touchdowns in the 44 to 14 rout of Howard, but that he did not score a fourth !!!
Instead of punting from his end zone Richie ran 107 yards but did not score. (Damn, he would have scored if that little Jerry Gonsalves had been fast enough to catch up with him and block that tackler!! Ha Ha!)
Team captains were -
Norm Cronin and Richie Holmes.
Other class team members were Sal Almeida,
Fred Tufts, Harold Bailey, Andy Miller, Bob Sargent,
Red Thompson, Gerry Gonsalves, Richard Murphy, and
Artie Anderson.
Girls's Field Hockey
1952 -

Wins= 4,
Losses= 1
Tied= 1
Team members- Mona Bellows, Alice Maliff, Grertrude Eaton, Forrest Litchfield, Nancy Soule, Doris Larson, Nancy Fozzi, Joan Kelly and Lois Anderson.
Season Highlight- Brilliant defense and in particular great goal tending by Mona Bellows who had a great 4 year career. (Sure they were better than the guys playing football, but the guys scored more points!! Ha Ha!)
Boys' Basketball Team

Wins= 7,
Losses= 10
Starters were Fred Tufts, Leo McEvoy, Harold Bailey, Richie Holmes, and Red Thompson.
In reserve were Ray Taylor, Norm Cronin, Jerry Gonsalves, and David Gomes.

Girls' Basketball Team
1952 -

Wins= 6,
Losses= 3.
Team members included, Alice Maliff, Mona Bellows, Gertrude Eaton, Forrest Litchfield, Roberta Randall, Pat Elmes, Beverly Reynolds, and Joan Kelly.

Our Cheerleaders-
First Row: lt to rt- Nancy Fozzy, Lucy Henriques, Mona Bellows, Forrest Litchfield, Faye Legge.
Second Row: Jeanne Tynan, Joyce Nelson, Mary Harvey, Madelyn Knapp.
( Gosh, why sport coats? Where are the traditional skirts and sweaters !!!! )

[ Our Class Top |   [ OAHS '52 Top |

Our Hall of Fame Athletes -

Athletes Hall of Fame
Class of '52 inductees:

Mona Bellows,
Alice Maliff,
Richard Holmes,
and Leo McEvoy.

Their year of induction and plague write-up follows:

2003- Mona Bellows-"Mona Bellows distinguished herself as a multi-sport competitor at
Oliver Ames High School, but she didn’t stop there, remaining active in a variety of competitive athletics.

At OA, Mona played four years each of field hockey, basketball, and softball. She earned four varsity letters in field hockey, two in basketball, and three in softball. As a junior, Mona was a member of the OA field hockey team that finished the season undefeated, untied, and unscored upon. Following high school, Mona attended Boston University. Collegiate varsity athletic opportunities were limited for women in those days, but Mona competed in intramurals. Mona graduated from BU with a degree in physical therapy.

In the years after college, while working as a physical therapist, Mona was active in athletics, playing for soccer, ice hockey, golf, and softball teams. She also coached youth soccer in Piedmont, CA, the community where she now lives. A sailing enthusiast, Mona belongs to a sailing club and has sailed the Great Lakes."

2003-Alice Maliff- "Alice Maliff is a member of the second of four generations of Oliver Ames High School athletes. She represented her generation well. Alice played four years of field hockey, basketball, and softball at OA, and earned 10 varsity letters. She starred on the 1951 field hockey team that was undefeated, untied, and unscored upon, a record that may remain unmatched for all time at OA.

Alice graduated from Springfield College. She returned to Easton and became a physical education teacher in the town’s school system. Alice and fellow OAHS Athletic Hall of Fame inductee, Patricia (McCann) DeCoste, became a teaching duo, and were known to thousands of Easton school children as their first tutors in phys ed. Alice also refereed Hockomock League field hockey and girls basketball games for 17 years.

Alice writes that, “Many of my fondest memories are the years I participated in sports at Oliver Ames High School. These years were instrumental to my success in college and in my professional career.”

2004- Richard Holmes - "“One of the best high school football players I have ever seen,” is how Richie Holmes was described by Bill Vellante, his football coach at OA. “Richie was a superb athlete who excelled in all areas of sport,” said Leo McEvoy (OA ‘52), a teammate of Holmes’s and a fellow 2004 OAHS Athletic Hall of Fame inductee. Toughness and versatility were the hallmarks of Holmes, one of the top OA athletes of the early ‘50s. Playing four years each of football, basketball, and baseball, he earned 10 letters, and was a captain of the football team his senior year.

He was a hard-nosed ball carrier on the gridiron, and was a ferocious tackler from his middle linebacker position. Yeah, he was a tough football player. How tough? Well, consider that in the third quarter of the second game of the season his senior year, he broke his arm, and played the remainder of the game. After convalescing for a total of two weeks, he suited up again for OA and played out the schedule.

In basketball, Holmes was a tenacious defender, and was frequently assigned to guard the opposition’ s top offensive threat. In the spring, Holmes was the nemesis of pitchers throughout the area as he frequently hit for extra bases.

Holmes is the younger brother of 2003 OAHS Athletic Hall of Fame inductee Harold Holmes (OA ‘39), and the uncle of Butch Holmes (Haddy’s son), a 1962 OA grad who was also inducted in the OAHS Athletic Hall of Fame last year."

2004- Leo McEvoy - "As an accomplished athlete and devoted civic leader, Leo McEvoy has contributed tremendously to sport in Easton. At OA, McEvoy earned 10 varsity letters: two in football, four in basketball, and four in baseball. As a senior, he was selected to the Hockomock League all star team in baseball. An excellent student, he was elected to the National Honor Society as a junior and senior. He also served on the OA student council his freshman through senior years.

Playing for the varsity baseball team at the United States Military Academy at West Point, McEvoy was a catcher, starting part of his sophomore season before taking over the starting role exclusively as a junior and senior. Also at West Point, he played fullback and linebacker on his company’s intramural football squad that finished undefeated in a league that fielded teams from all 24 companies at the academy.

McEvoy served as an officer and pilot with the U.S. Army from 1957 through 1961. Following his service he returned to Easton. He started at catcher for the 1962 Easton Huskies team that won the Cranberry League championship. McEvoy served on the Easton School Committee for 12 years, including three years as chairman.
He also served for four years as a trustee of Frothingham Memorial Park."

[ Our Class Top |   [ OAHS '52 Top |

Our Teachers in 1952 -
   Back Row- George Angell, Evelyn Foster, Margaret Dineen, Shirley Tufts, ___1___, John Byrne,
         Vincent Mazgelis, Robert King, Barbara Nickerson, James Galt, William Vellante, John Mason.
   Front Row- Elizabeth Barrows, Barbara Leah, Veronica Carter, Vernon Schnare, Roger Warner,
         ___2___, Kersam Ajemian, Adelaide Johnson.

( Regrettably Charles McLeod and Herbert Rollins have not been identified in the photo.)
( Not in photo- Kathryn Healey Caroline Roche, and Pauline Lyons. )

Teachers listed by Subject Taught-
Principal - Roger Warner      Guidance Counselor - Vernon Schnare
Coaches - Elizabeth Barrows, James Galt, John Byrne, John Mason, William Vellante
Science & Math - George Angell, James Galt, William Vellante, Kathryn Healey, Elizabeth Barrows, Vincent Mazgelis
English - John Byrne, Evelyn Foster, Adelaide Johnson, Barbara Nickerson
Foreign Languages - Kersam Ajemian, Pauline Lyons
Commercial Studies - Veronica Carter, Margaret Dinneen,
Social Studies - Charles Lowder, John Mason, Caroline Roche
Household Arts - Shirley Tufts, Barbara Leah
Practical Arts - Charles McLeod
Art - Herbert Rollins      Music -- Robert King

Our Teachers and Their Careers after 1952 -
This information has been extracted from a article entitled "OAHS 1950-2000"
written by Hazel Varella and updated in June 2004. The article is scheduled
to be published in the Easton Historical Society's second volume of "Reminiscences".
  • Betty Donahue Barrows- Mrs Barrows gradually became more interested in teaching mathematics than physical education and eventually taught mathematics classes at OAHS until 1959. Then she became a member of the Lincoln School, a private secondary school associated with Brown University in Providence. She taught there until 1992. Mrs. Barrows died in 2009.
  • Evelyn Foster- - Mrs Foster was the first to hold the position of English Department Chairman. She remained teaching until she was found dead April 23, 1962 in her apartment. The tragedy of her death was that she had had some serious illness during her last year and had used all of her sick leave time. (In those days teachers had very few sick leave days.) She had returned to school before she should have and was found with student papers and a red pen on her lap.
  • Veronica Carter- -Mrs Carter, who was the Business Department Chairman, retired in 1970. In 1963 she and her husband George bought an old one-room schoolhouse in Dummer, NH and converted it into a vacation home. It was located at the beginning of the entrance road to the Easton Rod and Gun Club's lodge. Mrs. Carter, aged 103, as of this date, 05/13/2011, is still in residence at the Pond Home Community (Retirement Home) 289 East Street, Wrentham, MA 02093. Phone is 1-508-384-3531.
  • Kate Healy- - Ms. Healy, the first Mathematics Department Chairman taught until 1969 and then traveled extensively in Europe, Africa, the Far East and the rest of the United States. She died in Jan 1994.
  • Barbara Nickerson- - Ms. Nickerson taught in Easton until 1956. She then moved to Wellesley and worked for many years at the Alumni Office at Wellesley College. She attended a number of OAHS class reunions and celebrated her 100th birthday in a Natick nursing home. She died in Aug 2001.
  • John Mason- - Mr Mason, our baseball coach, was both Athletic Director and Faculty Manager, until his sudden death on June 6, 1961. When it was time to rename the OAHS Athlete of the Year trophy it was changed from the J. Francis O'Neil Trophy to the John C. Mason Trophy. (Later it was renamed to honor coach Valentine P Muscato.)
  • William Vellante- Mr. Vellante, our football Coach, became the first principal of th Easton Junior High School in 1957. In 1959 he left to become Principal of Millis High School and later became Superintendent of the Millis school system.
  • Other Teachers- -Many of our teachers left OAHS soon after we did, (Gosh, I hope it wasn't because we treated them badly !!!!)
    • In 1952 George Angell and Pauline Lyons left OAHS.
    • In 1953 James Galt (our basketball coach), Roger Warner (our principal), and Vernon Schnare left.
    • In 1954 James Byrne (our baseball coach) left OAHS.
[ Our Class Top ]   [ OAHS '52 Top |

Careers That We Pursued -

Administrative Assistant
Computer Systems Administrator
Consultant, Physics
Domestic Engineer (Housewife)
Entrepreneur/Business Owner
Golf Pro
Intelligence Analyst (U.S. Govt.)
Mechanical Engineer
Medical Lab Technician
Military Officer- West Point graduate
Russian Translator (military, U.S Govt.)
School Administration
Sales, International
Secretary (at West Point for
        basketball coach Bob Knight)
Software Engineer/Programmer
Stewardess (airline)
Truck Driver
Wow, who would have guessed looking around at the kids in study hall !!!
Interesting- no Doctor, no Lawyer, no Fireman, no Policeman !!!

Exceptional Career Achievements- -
In this section we wish to recognize some of the exceptional career achievements of our classmates.

"Dr. Robert Oman received the B.S. degree from Northeastern University and the Sc.M. and Ph.D. degrees from Brown University. He has taught mathematics and physics at several colleges and universities including University of Minnesota, Northeastern University, University of South Florida and University of Tampa. He has also done research for Litton Industries, United Technologies, and NASA as well as through Oman Consulting, Inc. He is author of numerous technical articles, books, CD's and how-to-study books, tapes and videos. His academic work includes teaching mathematics and physics at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

His research is in both the academic and industrial environment. His areas of research include electromangnetic theory, semiconductors, gas reactions, physical electronics, biology, magnetic materials, upper atmosphere physics and vacuum measurement. He holds patents on electromagnetic devices, sputter deposition devices, vacuum gauges, and infrared image devices.

His complete theory of electron mirror microscopy is published in the Encyclopedia of Electronics and the vacuum gauge he designed was the first pressure gauge placed on the moon during the Apollo missions. Subsequently this gauge was sent on solar travelers.

Ever the practical scientist he has worked on environmental problems, ocean farming, highway safety and combining a life-long interest in auto racing consulted with Century Racing on chassis design and vehicle handling.

For his work in mathematics and physics he was named one of the top 2000 scientist of the 20th Century by Cambridge (England) University.

Most recently he has devoted his efforts to teaching, writing (three books for McGraw-Hill, one for Burgess and a CD for Wiley and three websites), and consulting. With his son Daniel, he co-authored "How to Solve Physics Problems","Calculus for the Utterly Confused", and other textbooks.
For additional info re Bob's career
View Tampa Bay Times article and photos.

John W.Spellman Dr.John Sprllman was one of our classmates who did not graduate OAHS, having transferred out in his junior year. John was on the debating team in high school and continued his interest in the debating discipline throughout his career, founding a Debating Society during his studies in London, at University in Canada, and later in India.
John graduated Northeastern Univ. in 1956 with a degree in History and Government. and earned his PhD degree at the University of Washngton. A professor offered him the opportunity to go to London to study Indian Affairs and learn the Sanscrit language. No scholarship money was available for the trip but John was able to gain the funds from a philanthropist in Boston who was impressed by John's letter describing his research plan.
Following his departure from the University of Washington in the mid-1960s, John took a teaching position at the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada to teach the Culture and Goverance of India. During his tenure there John was appointed Head of the Department of Asiatic Studies.
In 1974-75 John was a member of the Board of Directors of the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute.
In 1997 John retired from Univ. of Windsor. Since then he has resided part of the year in So. India and Thailand.
In 1999 John attended a a Wisconsin Conference on South Asia. At that point his affiliation with Windsor had been modified and he was spending a lot of time in the Madras area of India with an institute on development.

Publications : One was the first English translation of the Kama Sutra published in the USA in which John authored an introduction.
  • "The Legend of Devapi", Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1959.
  • Authored an article "The Symbolic Significance of the Number Twelve in Ancient India" in the The Journal of Asian Studies, 1962
  • "Political theory of ancient India: a study of kingship from the eaarlies times to circa A.D. 300". Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1964.
  • "Folj tales and Proverbs of Panjabi People", 1979.
  • "The Kama Sutra of Vatsayana: The Classic Hindu Treatise on Love and Social Conduct", Co-author, Penguin Books, Aug. 1991.
  • " The Kama Sutra (Arkana), co-author, Penguin,1993
  • "The Beautiful Blue Jay, and other tales of India". Library binding, Jan. 2000.

NOTE- a Dr, John W. Spellman citation- From 1962 onwards, several editions of the Kamasutra were published in both America and the UK. One of the most significant editions was the version published by EP Dutton in 1962. This edition was introduced by a New York-based travel writer Santha Rama Rau, who gave the impression that the Kamasutra was an accurate portrayal of the sex lives of people in India. Her foreward was accompanied by an essay by John W Spellman, a prominent Indologist, which discussed the sexual aspects of tantric practice as a means of providing a wider cultural context to the Kamasutra. It was this essay, according to James McConnochie (2007), which led to the the idea that the Kamasutra was a tantric text.
(FYI- "Tantras ("Looms" or "Weavings") refers to numerous and varied scriptures pertaining to any of several esoteric traditions rooted in Hindu and Buddhist philosophy.")

In Feb. 2013- John received the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal for his work involving Human rights, Civil liberties, and Environmental protection. John gave a contentious accepance speech which included remarks on the need to keep a watchful eye on governments, even in Canada.

As late as fall 2017 John was teaching at the Univ. of Windsor at the Retirement Learning Center. He taught a Study Group entitled "Culture of India". The class annoucement read : "John Spellman, a retired professor and head of Asian Studies at the University of Windsor, will lead his group through a study of cultural values and ways of thinking as revealed in the religions, literature, politics and everyday life in India. Dr. Spellman finishes course with trip to a Thai Restaurant". (as seen in photo above !)

[ Our Class Top |   [ OAHS '52 Top |

Our Time in History......  

         Although we were innocent in 1952,
we feel proud that we were honorable, responsible, and respectful!

Cost of Living     Our Generation     Music     Movies     Television     Headline News    Cars

[ Our Time Top ]   [ OAHS '52 Top |

Classmates on the Internet......  
Use the E-mail addresses to say "Hello" and send messages to your classmates.
Click on links to send email or go to personal pages on the World Wide Web.
(Names are listed alphabetically by married name)
Name E-mail Address Internet Presence
Harold Bailey bailey269@comcast.netnone
Pauline Nystrom Bearse pebearse@vermontel.net none
Pat Elmes Burnett pbi@optilink.us none
Forrest deLambert mzforrestonthego@sbcglobal.net none
Lois Gardner DiLorenzo loisldilore52@aol.com none
Edith Bussey Doyle NITEowl1@verizon.net none
Connie Anderson Dumoulin dumoulins@comcast.net none
Gerry Gonsalves Gaston
Alan Grant grantalnan@comcast.net none
Joan Kelly Hale joankhale@aol.com none
Leo Harlow lharlow2@gmail.com none
H. Wheaton Hayward hhayward@stny.rr.com none
Mona Bellows Jamieson mona@jamiesons.com Facebook
David Leary dnleary@gmail.com Facebook
Edward Leonard teleonard@comcast.net none
Leo McEvoy LDMCEVOY@aol.com none
Andy Miller (Suzanne) smaxmil@aol.com none
Jane Canegaly Newman enajlliw@yahoo.comnone
Robert Oman (Judy) robert.oman@yahoo.com Facebook & www.rdoman.com
John Spellman jws@uwindsor.ca none
Ray Taylor (Nancy) RNTAYLOR@comcast.net none
Bjorn Thompson Red1532@aol.com none
Lorraine Beale Tremonti ltremonti4@gmail.com Facebook
Janet Walker jwalker571@verizon.net none

[ OAHS '52 Top ]

Class Reunion Statistics ......  

     Our OAHS Class of 1952 has been very fortunate that throughout the years there has been continued interest in having reunions, and more importatly we have had a dedicated group of people willing to volunteer their time and energy to make the reunions happen.
     Special thanks go to Norm Cronin and Harold Bailey who have spear-headed all our reunion planning. Thanks also must go to the members of our "Easton Locals" group who have supported Norm and Harold in travelling and researching reunion locales, and who have attended semi-annual dinner meetings to discuss and plan all reunion activities.
     And, not least, thanks must go to our classmates who travelled to the reunions from their homes out-of-state. Throughout the years classmates attended from - Canada, CA, WI, FL, GA, KY, NY, CT, NH, VT, and MA.

     Our reunion success has been the envy of many of our other contemporary OAHS classes.

Classmates Attending All Reunions-
      ( 'Way to go' to them !!! )

Harold Bailey,
Joan Kelly Hale,
Alice Maliff DeCouto, and
Donald Smith.

( And Ed Leonard who only missed our 60th )
Attendance Counts For All Our Reunions-

15th 1967 36 Avon
25th 1977 38 Saunders Bay, NH
30th 1982 37 Plymouth
35th 1987 38 Kennebunkport,ME
40th 1992 42 Waterville Valley, NH
45th 1997 33 Ogunquit, ME
50th 2002 35 Lincoln, NH
55th 2007 24 Ogonquit, ME
58th 2010 18 Mystic, CT
60th 2012 19 Mystic, CT
63rd 2015 16 Plymouth, MA

[ OAHS '52 Top |

Our Class Reunions are listed below. Select a Reunion to View
65th Reunion 63rd Reunion 60th Reunion 58th Reunion Other Reunions

65th Class Reunion....  Sep 5-7, 2017
Our 65th reunion was held Sept. 5-7, 2017 in Plymouth, MA at 'Hotel 1620'
which is the former Renaissance hotel where we held our last reunion.
A banquet dinner was held at the Waterfront Bar and Grill near the hotel.
A total of 18 persons attended, 10 of whom were Classmates.
Classmates attending included --
Arthur Anderson
Connie Anderson Dumoulin
Harold Bailey
Dave Gomes
Lois Gardner DiLorenzo
Suzanne Miller
Leo Harlow
Ed Leonard
Forrest Litchfield De Lambert
Pauline Nystrom Bearse
Donald Smith

The following classmates were interested in coming to the reunin but were not able to attend
due to personal matters or family obligations.

Joan Kelly Hale, Leo McEvoy, Jane Camegaly Newman, Mona Bellows Jamieson,
Norm Cronin, and Gerry Gonsalves Gaston.

Check out Photos from the reunion -    

63rd Class Reunion ......  Sep 8-10, 2015
Our 63rd Class Reunion
was held at the
Radisson Hotel at Plymouth Harbor, MA
from Sept 8-10, 2015.

A total of 31 attended, of whom 16 were Classmates.
We had access to a conference room in which we gathered for 'Meet and Greet' after the check-in on Tuesday and after the reunion dinner on Wednesday. For our breakfasts we gathered in the Radisson's in-house restaurant.
At the 'Meet and Greet' gathering we honored the classmates that are no longer with us with a poster which listed their names and photos copied from our '52 class yearbook.
We held our reunion dinner at the Waterfront Bar and Grill next to the Radisson. We were all pleased with the quality of the food.
Suzanne Miller, Janet Walker, and Pauline Nystrom joined us at the dinner.
After the dinner a raffle was held in the meeting room to give away two gift baskets, two tote bags and a bottle of wine.

   Classmates attending included --
Artie Anderson
Connie Anderson Dumoulin
Harold Bailey
Robert Brennick
Norm Cronin
Gerry Gonsalves Gaston
Dave Gomes
Harold Hayward
Joan Kelly Hale
Leo Harlow
Ed Leonard
Forrest Litchfield De Lambert
Leo McEvoy
Pauline Nystrom Bearse
Ralph Philbrick
Donald Smith

Here is a class photo taken at the reunion dinner- (too bad the room was so dark !!)

Back Row- Artie Anderson, Harold Bailey, Leo McEvoy, Donald Smith (hidden), and Leo Harlow.
MIddle Row-Ed Leonard,Norm Cronin, Dave Gomes, Ralph Philbrick, Harry Hayward, and Gerry Gonsalves.
Front Row- Forrest Litchfield, Joan Kelly Hale, Connie Anderson, and Pauline Nystrom.
(Bob Brennick attended the dinner but did not get in the photo.)

[ Our Reunions ]     [ OAHS '52 Top ]

60th Class Reunion ......  Sep 7-9, 2012
  • 09/07/2012 - 60th Class Reunion Celebration-
    For the second time in a row we choose
    the Hampton Inn, Mystic, CT as our reunion location.

    Classmates travelled from :
    NH, MA, VT, KY, FL, WI, and CA.

    We enjoyed beautiful sunny fall weather with only a threat of rain on Saturday.

  • "Meet and Greet" gatherings- Once again we enjoyed the use of the Inn's Conference Room for our group socializing. We enjoyed wine coolers, sodas,and bottle water along with chip/pretzel munchies provided by Gerry and Leo McEvoy. And as usual a couple of the guys made beer runs. We also had some old-time high-school-era music in the background; Big Band and Pop Hit music from the 40's and 50's. Alas, most of the time the music was drowned out by all the excited 'meet and greet' talk. Thanks to Harold for providing the 3 CD music set. I received the set and have been playing them at home. Great music, with all our high school favorites!! If you wish to receive a copy please send me an email.

  • Attendance - A total of 19 Classmates attended, with 33 persons overall attending.
    • How wonderful to see Bjorn (Red)Thompson again and meet his wife Gail. His last reunion was the 30th. He was one of the classmates who travelled the furthest. His home is in Wisconsin. He explained that the reason he stayed in OAHS for only one semester was to return to live in WI so that he could be qualified for entering a WI state school as an in-state resident.
    • Classmates who travelled an even further distance were Forrest and Mona who came from California.
    • Travelling from Florida were Lois Gardner with hubby Buddy (no pun intendeded) DiLorenzo, Artie Anderson and his best gal Helen Still, and Edith Bussey and Francis Doyle with their adopted daughter Crystal.
    • Travelling from NH were Donald and Marilyn Smith, and from VT were Pauline Nystrom and hubby Eliot Bearse.
    • And travelling from MA were the loyal "Easton Locals" group that you all know.
    • Also, how wonderful to see Nancy Taylor, who attended with Ray's sister Ann Barrett. We out-of-staters were all able to express our condolences re Ray's passing to her in person.

       Classmates included --
    Artie Anderson
    Harold Bailey
    Mona Bellows Jamieson
    Edith Bussey Doyle
    Norm Cronin
    Francis Doyle
    Lois Gardner Dilorenzo
    Gerry Gonsalves Gaston
    Dave Gomes
    Joan Kelly Hale
    Leo Harlow
    Forrest Litchfield De Lambert
    Alice Maliff DeCouto
    Leo McEvoy
    Andy Miller
    Pauline Nystrom Bearse
    Ralph Philbrick
    Donald Smith
    Bjorn (Red) Thompson

  • Fiday Happenings-
    • Check-in and "Meet and Greet" gathering in the conference room. Harold passed out a document package which he prepared. Included were these docs-
      • Updated list of class members with addresses and phone numbers.
      • Updated list of class members who unfortunately are no longer with us.
      • Updated list of class members' email and internet addresses.
      • Classmate news from those class members who could not attend the reunion.
      • A list of some Mystic restaurants to help decide where to go for Friday night dinner.
      • A list of some recommended Mystic sightseeing locations.
      • Information about the Taste of Mystic celebration next to the drawbridge.
    • Friday Dinner- Instead of individual restaurant choices, Friday dinner was almost a group dinner since at the Inn's recommendation we went to the nearby Equinox restaurant and they seated us at four neighboring large tables. The restaurant, after hearing that this writer was celebrating a birthday, surprised him with a very tasty fudge tart which consisted of chocolate cake with chocolate mousse in the middle and covered with choculate fudge icing. Yumm !! And of course the group sang "Happy Birthday". Thank goodness I didn't have to go to school the next day as frequently happened during my school years !!
    • After-dinner gathering- More "Meet and Greet" conversation in the conference room.

  • Saturday Happenings-:
    • Breakfast-
      the Hampton Inn provided a free full breakfast. There was something for everyone- waffles, eggs and sausage, yogurt, cereal, bagels, muffins, and fruit. And of course coffee and juice. Great spread !!
    • Mystic Sightseeing-
      We split into groups and visited Olde Mystick Village, Mystic Seaport, The Tast of Mystic Celebration, Downtown Mystic shops, Noank Peninsula, Stonington Peninsula, and Foxwoods Casino.

    • Saturday Dinner-

      The "Riverwalk" restaurant, located on the way to downtown Mystic, was the site of our group dinner. We had a semi-private room ( open raised area, not enclosed). Each person was able to select a meal from their extensive menu. We were crowded in the samll area, but the food was excellent.
      The class received a surprise phone call during dinner from Ed Leonard in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Norm took the call and reported that that Ed and Terry were very disappointed that they were not able to attend and that he wanted to say "hello" and wish everyone a wonderful reunion time.
    • After-dinner gathering-
      • Back to the conference room for more "Meet and Greet" conversation and a group meeting lead by Norm.
      • Norm and Harold read off the list of members that we have lost, and Leo Harlow lead a prayer for the health of those present and for the remembrance of our missing classmates.
      • A lottery drawing was conducted to win two beautiful gift baskets generously donated by Joan Kelly Hale. The winners were Gail Thompson and Pauline Nystrom Bearse. The money collected will go into the Class Treasury for future class expenses. How nice that both winners attended from out-of-state.
      • Bjorn (Red, well now Gray) Thompson addressed the crowd and thanked everyone for making he and Gail so welcome in the class even though he attended OAHS for such a short time. He also said he has enjoyed being informed about class news via email and our OAHS website.

  • Sunday Happenings-:
    • The group enjoyed another full Hampton Inn breakfast, used the last opportunity to take photos, and then said their goodbyes.

  • 60th Reunion Photos -      [ See Photos ]

[ OAHS '52 Top ]

Preparations for 60th Class Reunion ......  07/07/2012 -
  • Place & Date: Sep 7-9, 2012 in Mystic, Connecticut.

  • Lodging: The Hampton Inn & Suites, 6 Hendel Dr, Mystic, CT
    The Hampton Inn is located
    north of interstate I95
    at the Rt. 27 intersection (Exit 90).
    It is on the left off of Rt. 27 north.

    Telephone is 1-860-536-2536
    (View Map) .
    • Daily room cost is $99 plus 12% tax. A maximum of four persons are allowed per room. All rooms are non-smoking and have either one king size or two queen size beds. If a room is to be shared, only one party should make the reservation.
    • Reservations must be made and confirmed by Aug.7th, and mention "Oliver Ames Reunion".
    • Check-in time is 3 pm on Friday and Check-out time is 10 am Sunday morning.
    • A complimentary hot breakfast is served daily from 6 - 10 am in their large lobby area.
    • Once again our group will have the use of the Enberg meeting room for our Friday "meet and greet" and our after dinner gatherings. As last time we are allowed to serve our own beer, wine, liquor and snacks.

  • Saturday Night Dinner: "Riverwalk" Restaurant
    Group reservations have been made at the "Riverwalk" restaurant located on the way to downtown Mystic. We will have a semi-private room ( open raised area, not enclosed). Each person will be able to select a meal from the menu that Harold sent out.

    The Restaurant is located at 14 Holmes St. in the Schooner Wharf complex. Holmes St. is the road that veers right off of Rt. 27 heading downtown and the Schooner Wharf complex is on the left pass Forsyth St.

    Schooner Wharf is the home berth of ARGIA, an eighty-one foot replica of a 19th Century schooner.

  • Air Transportation: Green Airport in Warwick, RI which is about 1/2 hr. drive from motel.
    Gerry has volunteered to chauffeur folks between the airport and the motel.

  • "A Taste of Mystic" food celebration-
    This celebration will be on the same weekend as our reunion. Chamber of Commerce website says: "Bring your appetite to the Taste of Mystic. Over 30 local restaurants line Cottrell Street, in Historic Downtown Mystic each offering a unique and delicious taste of their specialty. Last year’s goodies ranged from honey cilantro shrimp to pad Thai with chicken satay and so much more. Don't miss live performances by musicians like The Cartells, Kevin Crandell Band, High Times, Flowers and Kain and Mind Body and Soul. and Eight to the Bar.
    Times: Sep. 7th 5 pm - 9:30 pm, the 8th 11 am – 9:30 pm, and the 9th 11 am – 5 pm. Free admission."
    Read more details at www.atasteofmystic.com .
    Click on the map link to view the location and layout.
    View some past 'A Taste of Mystic' photos.

  • Other Mystic Attractions-
    If you play to spend time before or after the reunion in Mystic check out this website
    to learn what attractions the city offers- View Mystic Attractions.

  • 11/15/2011 - Reunion Committee Report - At the gathering on 09/26/2011 the reunion committee of "Easton Locals" discussed having another reunion next year in 2012 in order to celebrate our 60th graduation year anniversary, instead of waiting for 2013 to adhere to our 'reunion every 3 years' cycle. A vote was taken and it was unanimously recommended to hold a reunion next year and to hold it again in Mystic Connecticut since last reunion there was such a great success.

    Everyone enjoyed that location last time because it was only a short drive away for Baystaters and close to Green Airport in Warwick, RI for the convenience of out-of-staters. Also, everyone enjoyed the Shops of Mystic, the 'Taste of Mystic' celebration (local restaurants offer delicious tastes of their specialties), seaside dining, and proximity to the Foxwoods Casino.

    The Hampton Inn again was selected to provide lodging. Harold has made reservations for us on
    Sep, 7, 2012 to coincide again with the "Taste of Mystic" food celebration scheduled for that weekend.
    The cost quoted per night per room again was $99 plus 12% tax. A room may have a maximum of four persons.
    Again we would have use of their conference room for gatherings and cocktail social hours.

    If you have any questons, please write or call either
    • Hal Bailey, 269 Forest St., Raynham, MA 02767, (508) 822-0764 or
    • Norm Cronin, PO Box 325, So. Dennis, MA 01660, (508) 398-9851
    • .
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    58th Class Reunion ......  Sep 10-12, 2010

       58th Class Reunion Celebration at the Hampton Inn, Mystic, Conn. -
             We enjoyed beautiful sunny fall weather all weekend.
    • Friday- After check-in folks gathered in the 'Enberg' Meeting Room for a "Meet and Greet" party and enjoyed beer, drinks, and snacks. A "Thinking of You" greeting card for Mrs. Carter was passed around and signed by all attendees. At 7 pm groups were formed to go to dinner at neighborhood restaurants. A large group went to Abbotts Lobster-in-the-rough located on the coast and enjoyed eating outside on the patio. After dinner most returned to the meeting romm for more chit-chat. (The meeting room is named after Dick Enberg, the sports announcer, who is one of the investors in the Hampton Inn org.)

    • Saturday- Full hot breakfast at Hampton Inn. Groups formed to do the following- go to Foxwoods Casino for a little gambling, or go to nearby Mystic Village to tour the tourist shops , or go to historic Mystic Downtown for shopping and checking out the 'Taste of Mystic Celebration' which presented food samplings from local restsurants.

      Saturday Dinner- We had a private party room at the Go Fish restaurant and enjoyed Soup or Salad, Steak, Chicken or Cod , and Apple Crisp with ice cream for dessert.

      Before dinner Harold read off the list of 23 classmates who are no longer with us, and we remembered them with a minute of silence.

      Saturday Dinner Raffle - Artie Anderson organized and ran the raffle.
      • Money Prizes = 40$ was won by Rose Gomes, Lorraine Beale, and Donald Smith. Gerry got a raffle ticket with the last 4 numbers - '4752' and said "Oh boy, I got the winning ticket since the last two numbers are "52"! Lorraine Beale said "Wow I wish I had gotten that ticket since all those numbers are my lucky numbers". Gerry answered, "Well let's switch; since I never win anything, I'll take your ticket." Guess who was a winner- Lorraine Beale. I guess we were both right!!!! (Once again, the saying 'No good deed goes unrewarded' is true!)
      • Gift Basket Prizes - Helen Still (Artie Anderson's lady friend) and Patti Bailey.
      • Gag Gift - Eddie Bussey Doyle

      After dinner- more story telling and reminiscing about school days and Easton in the meeting room.

    • Sunday- Full hot breakfast at Hampton Inn and saying goodbye to all.

    • Attendance - A total of 18 classmates; 27 persons overall.
      Connie Anderson
      Artie Anderson
      Harold Bailey
      Lorraine Beale **
      Millage Corkum
      Norm Cronin
      Edith Bussey
      Alice Maliff DeCouto
      Francis Doyle
      Gerry Gonsalves Gaston
      Dave Gomes
      Joan Kelly Hale
      Leo Harlow
      Harry Hayward
      Ed Leonard
      Andy Miller
      Ralph Philbrick
      Donald Smith
          ** = ( first reunion attended ! )

    • 58th Reunion Photos -     [ See Photos ]
      Hampton Inn, Mystic, Conn.
    58th Reunion Committee Reports ......  

       58th Class Reunion Plan-
    • Place & Date: Sep 10-12, 2010 in Mystic, Connecticut.
    • Lodging: The Hampton Inn located north of the I95 & Rt. 27 intersection (Exit 90). (View Map)
      Rooms cost $99 plus 12% tax with a maximum of four persons allowed per room.
      Reservations must be made and confirmed by Aug.10th, and mention "Oliver Ames Reunion".
      If a room is to be shared, only one party should make the reservation.
    • Saturday Night Dinner: Banquet room at GO FISH restaurant located in Olde Mistick Village
      Meal (appetizer, soup or salad, entree, and desert) will cost $35 per person which includes tax, and gratuity.
      Entrees offered are Baked New England Cod, Pan Roasted Breast of Chicken or Sliced Grilled Sirloin.
      Dinners must be paid in advance of the reunion. Check payable to "Class of 1952" mailed to Harold.
    • Air Transportation: Green Airport in Warwick, RI which is about 1/2 hr. drive from motel.
      Gerry has volunteered to chaufeur folks between the airport and the motel.
    • Additional Info-For complete details see the Class Letter that Harold mailed out to class members.
      Call with questions to Hal Bailey at (508) 822-0764 or Norm Cronin at (508) 398-9851
    • .

      A Mystic city celebration will be on the same weekend as our reunion. Chamber of Commerce website says: "Bring your appetite to the Taste of Mystic. Over 30 local restaurants line Cottrell Street, in Historic Downtown Mystic each offering a unique and delicious taste of their specialty. Last year’s goodies ranged from honey cilantro shrimp to pad Thai with chicken satay and so much more. Don't miss live performances by musicians like The Cartells, Eight to the Bar and High Times. Family Fun and Entertainment throughout the 3 days! Sep 10th 5 pm - 9:30 pm, Sep 11th 11 am – 9:30 pm and Sep12th 11 am – 5 pm. Free admission."   Read more details at www.atasteofmystic.com .

       Get tourist info & maps - at Mystic Depot Welcome Center & Cyber Café, 2 Roosevelt Avenue, Mystic, CT 06355, 860.572.1102. Open daily 10 am to 4 pm. Website says "Visit the Mystic Depot Welcome Center for all your visitor information needs. We have maps, visitor guides, a display of brochures, walking tours, local newspapers, real estate information, Amtrak ticket machine, and cyber café complete with 2 computers and high speed internet. Ask our friendly staff and enthusiastic volunteers about accommodations, attractions, restaurants, services and more. Did you know? The historic Mystic Depot was used by American Flyer as its model for a train depot over 50 years ago."  
    Get more info at www.discoveryguide.org/

       Mystic map- open window with map.

      10/28/2009- At our last class reunion it was decided that we hold class reunions ever 3 years instead of
    every 5 years since the number of surviving class members sadly decreases each year.

    The Reunion Committee has continued to travel and research possible reunion sites. They report their finding to a group of classmates still living in the Easton area who gather twice a year for a class dinner in Buzzards Bay. At the gathering on 10/28/2009 the committee recommended we hold the next reunion in Mystic Connecticut. After a discussion this recommendation was approved for the reunion scheduled for September 10-12 of this year (2010).

    The Hampton Inn has been selected to provide lodging.
    The cost quoted per night per room was $99 plus 12% tax. A room may have a maximum of four persons.

    If you have any questons, please write or call either
    • Hal Bailey, 269 Forest St., Raynham, MA 02767, (508) 822-0764 or
    • Norm Cronin, PO Box 325, So. Dennis, MA 01660, (508) 398-9851.

    Here is a photo of the "locals" attending the dinner.

    Back row- Gerry Gaston, Dick Walker, Connie Anderson, Joan Kelly, Alice Maliff, Dave Gomes, Ed Leonard.
    Front row- Leo McEvoy, Norm Cronin, Donald Smith, Ray Taylor, Leo Harlow, Hal Bailey.

    04/21/2010- A class dinner was held by the "locals" on this date. The Reunion Committee reported that after researching dining places they recommended that our Saturday night reunion dinner be held at GO FISH located
    in Olde Mistick Village. (yes, that's their real name !!)
    They will provide us a separate room and do not require us to select our food in advance.
    The entree offerings are Baked New England Cod, Pan Roasted Breast of Chicken or Sliced Grilled Sirloin.
    The total cost quoted for the meal, tax, and gratuity was $35 per person.

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    High School Memories......  
    Some of these entries have been extracted from Classmate News.
    Thanks to you all for sending in such great News Items about happenings in your life !!

    • In October 2015 Hazel Varella reported to our class that the Volume 6 issue of the Easton Historical Society's Reminisences Booklet will include an article entitled
      "Memories of the Class of 1952". This article will contain a list of all our class members and a list of individual childhood memories of growing up in Easton and attending Oliver Ames HS.

    • Ed Leonard-- See a wondrful article, "Life on Columbus Avenue", writtenby Ed Leonard and published in the Easton Historical Society's Reminiscences Booklet Volume 5 in September 2014.

    • Joan Kelly- I worked at Hilliard's Chocolates my junior and senior years. I remember when Wheaton, Pete, Ed and Ed used to drop in on me when I was working and skarf down all the free samples. Alan (the owner) lived upstairs at that time and when he heard the commotion he would come down and urge them to leave.

    • Forrest Litchfield- Remembering Mrs. Carter's standard typing class policy of typing to "marching music" with windows open, even in the dead of winter, and wondering if all that cold fresh air contributed to her good health and long life.

    • Jane Canegaly- Skating on the cranberry bog behind our house in the winter and skating across the reservoir at Christmas time to chop down a cedar tree (we were too poor to buy a tree).
      Tobogganing in the snow- We lived at the top of a good sized hill, and we built a ski jump to go over on a toboggan. That, plus the ledge of a cranberry bog to bump over (a good two feet or more, if I remember correctly), caused the person on the back of the toboggan to get well jarred and a few bones loosened each time down the hill.

    • Lorraine Beale- Witnessing and greeting Rocky Marciano doing his roadwork running along Turnpike Street.

    • Gerry Gonsalves- I remember these things fondly-
      Household Chores- Keeping the kerosene fuel cans filled on our kitchen stove and our living room heater. The cans were filled from a tank in the basement. The only heat upstairs for the bedrooms managed to make its way up the stairway in the hall off the living room. My sister and I quickly learned to wear a sweater to bed and sleep completely under the covers.
      School- My sister and I always walked doen the hill to have lunch at home. We must have been very poor since we never bought our lunch in the cafeteria. Someone at a class reunion mentioned they brought their lunch to school and ate in the cafeteria. Well, this idea never occurred to us. I wish we had done that since it would have given me a better chance to get to know all my classmates better, especially those from So. Easton. I never saw the cafeteria in three years !! Crazy!!

      Holding hands on the bus driving back from basketball games. Boy, we must have been bashful- we always covered our hands with a basketball jacket. Crazy!! Learning about the thrill of first kisses was wonderful. But I did not like long kisses- I held my breath during a kiss !! Where did I get that idea? Crazy !!! ( talk about simple, innocent times !)

      Going to teen dances in the Frothingham Hall and being terrified because I did not know how to dance and was too shy to ask girls to dance. Damn, couldn't they have included a course on dancing in the curriculum? The kids that follwed us sure had it easy when rock-and-roll came in fashion. I could have danced to that !!!

      Dropping into O'Connor's News store downtown on Main St. after school to meet with friends, buy an ice cream treat, and check out the newest magazines.

      Sports- Playing on OAHS sports teams with a great bunch of guys. But those cheer leader uniforms! What was it with those sport coat jackets? They sure were not very inspiring for the players! Were we so innocent that the girls were not allowed to wear tradional sports sweaters! Crazy!!

      Going to coach Valente's house on Friday evenings before Saturday football games, along with the other members of the backfield. I guess he wanted to keep us from going out carousing the night before games. Little good it did to our team success though!!

      As a senior in 1951 playing football on Thanksgiving Day, the first game ever played by OAHS on this holiday. But the most interesting thing about the game was not that it was played on Thanksgiving Day for the first time, nor that we won by 44 to 14 over Howard High, nor that our captain Richie Holmes playing fullback scored three times, but that Ritchie failed to score a fourth when he ran 107 yards and did not score !!
      We were backed up to our own one-yard line and the play was called for Ritchie to punt the ball away from the back of our end zone. Well, he spotted an opening in the defensive line and surprised everyone by running the ball instead. After weaving through the opponent's defensive punt formation he headed for the goalline but accompanied by the groans of the fans was tackled on the opponent's three yard line. Ritchie's exploit made him sought after by regional newspapers and radio stations to talk about his famous run.

      Living so close to Frothingham Park I spent most of my summers there playing in pick-up games, I was in awe that it was such a beautiful place. Playing Junior Legion baseball in the summers in the park with coach Connie Spillane. He was a good coach, a funny guy, and a interesting character. We learned our first mild swear words from him when he got mad .

      Playing basketball in our small gym and trying not to crash into the auditorium stage, and trying not to step on the fans seated along the sides of the court. And also trying to avoid errant passes so that we didn't hit these folks in the face with the ball.

      Cars- Driving my dad's Kaiser and Fraser. If you backed up in the Kaiser the gears would jam and you had to reach under the car with a tire iron and free them. I loved the luxurious Fraser. It was "before its time" - no door handles on the inside, just Fraser emblems that were unrecognizable as push buttons. Learning to drive on the country roads going to Fairhaven to visit my grandparents.

      My dad always had old cars and one of the oldest was unique since it had a "burglar alarm". On the pillar between the front and rear doors was a metal pendulum hanging inside a metal circle wired to the battery. If anyone tried to get into the car, stepping on the running board would tilt the car so that the pendulum struck the circle. This contact would complete the circuit and the horn would sound !!! So much for old technology !

      Sneaking into the Brockton Fair under the fence. And the "Holy Shit" moment when my friends and I got into the car to drive home and were surprised when a "drunk" sat up in the back seat and asked, "Where we goin?" ( Who locked anything back then !)

    • Ed Leonard - Pete , Harry, Ed and I did a lot together. Bought and sold a 1915 Model T Ford one day for $100 - $25 each. It was parked under a HARCO ORCHARDS chicken coop the first night when two tires blew. The noise scared the chickens - pissed of Mr. Richards and made us sell the "T" back to the owner the next day. ----- Remember the day we all went to the Big E exposition in Springfield. Harry and Ed had their parents permission, Pete told his mother he was going (didn't ask !) I didn't tell anyone. "Mo" Mason missed me on the attendance list. It took. Mr. Warner, my mother - his secretary, Mr. (MO) Mason and the other three mothers a couple hours to figure it all out. Those guys never had to "stay after school" - but I did !!!

      The Tale of our High School Cars- Enclosed are photo copies of the cars owned by Harry Hayward, George Peterson and myself. Also Ed Richards father's 1940 Buick that Ed used most exclusively, especially when commuting to OAHS and dating Lorraine McNeil.

      Harry and I painted his 1930 Chevie with many coats of hand-rubbed lacquer paint. He then bought a 1940 Ford and ssid if I helped him paint it, he would sell me the Chevie for a dollar. I had an accident in it- see photos. I sold the '30 Chevie to Ray Ladd for $25 while in my 2nd year at Northeastern. I couldn't afford to register it and had it parked in my back yard. Dad said get that "piece of junk" ot of the yard!

      The photo of Wheaton's 1940 Ford, which he bought while in our jr. year, is not his but one just like it.

      We all worked while in high school so had the funds to operate our cars. One day Ed R. came to school and said we could buy a Ford Model "T" for $100 if each of us kicked in $25. We all went to Brockton to get the car with the owner driving it to HARCO Orchards. It was in great shape but like old cars the tires were weak. Overnight two tires blew up while parked under a chicken coop- waking the farms chickens. Ed's father told him in no uncertain terms to get rid of the "piece of junk"- Ed's father and mine had a lot in common ! The next day we got our $25 back. The Model "T" photo is not the car we owned but one like it.

      While organizing the above I came across the Morse Car ad. -Copy attached with a description from the Easton Journal 1997. Of the 48 made in Easton at the Easton Machine Co. on Central St., at least one exists today. It was shown in the lobby of the Easton Savings Bank a few years ago. Harry Hayward's father worked in this same factory when it later became Crofoot Gear.
      Hope you enjoy these pictures and stories. Ed Leonard.
             Read more of the story and view car photos !!
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    Classmate News Items ......  
    Send in personal news items and let your friends know what is going on in your life.
    Or tell us if you have a presence on the new social networking sites on the internet.
    Items listed by descending date.
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    Past Class Reunions.....